Tube Connector

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Stream Tapware Corp. has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality Tube Connector. Our custom manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce products that match your exact specifications. With proficient engineering and quality management, coupled with outstanding customer service, Stream Tapware Corp. is well positioned to deliver the highest quality fittings at very competitive prices.
Tube Connector - 034B
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Model: 034B
Tube Connector
Please see our Catalog for a complete line of flare, compression, pipe, hose barb, air brake, extruded or forged tee and elbow fittings.
  • 90° Union Elbow – Comp.
    1/8” Comp.
    3/16” Comp.
    1/4” Comp.
    5/16” Comp.
    3/8” Comp.
    7/16” Comp.
    1/2” Comp.
    5/8” Comp.
    3/4” Comp.
    7/8” Comp.
    1” Comp.  

  • Comp. Union Tee – Forged   
    1/8” Comp. All Ends
    3/16” Comp. All Ends
    1/4” Comp. All Ends
    5/16” Comp. All Ends
    3/8” Comp. All Ends
    7/16” Comp. All Ends
    1/2” Comp. All Ends
    5/8” Comp. All Ends
    3/4” Comp. All Ends
    7/8” Comp. All Ends

We offer

Tube Connector

in various specifications to cater to the diverse needs of the clients. We realize the importance of the job & information we receive from customers. We understand the responsibility that each member of our team has to shoulder and we do that with highest levels of trust, honesty and integrity.
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