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Stream Tapware Corp. was established as a Taiwan Brass Compression Fittings manufacturer and supplier. We continue to improve on product quality and assure that each product exceeds the performance and reliability standards expected by customers worldwide.
Brass Compression Fittings - 002B
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Model: 002B
Brass Compression Fittings
Please see our Catalog for a complete line of flare, compression, pipe, hose barb, air brake, extruded or forged tee and elbow fittings.
  • Captive Brass Sleeve & Nut – Comp.  
    1/8” Comp.
    1/4” Comp.
    3/8” Comp.
    1/2” Comp.
    3/4” Comp.

  • Compression Union – Reducing
    3/16” Comp. x 1/8” Comp.
    1/4” Comp. x 1/8” Comp.
    1/4” Comp. x 3/16” Comp.
    5/16” Comp. x 1/4” Comp.
    3/8” Comp. x 1/4” Comp.
    3/8” Comp. x 5/16” Comp.
    1/2” Comp. x 3/8” Comp.
    5/8” Comp. x 3/8” Comp.
    5/8” Comp. x 1/2” Comp.

  • Comp. Female Connector (Slip-Thru Tank Style)
    3/8” Comp. x 3/8” FPT
    3/8” Comp. x 1/2” FPT
    1/2” Comp. x 3/8” FPT
    1/2” Comp. x 1/2” FPT
    5/8” Comp. x 1/2” FPT

We carry a full product line of

Brass Compression Fittings

with international standards. Please contact us or view our on-line catalogue for more detailed specifications of our products. We believe that you will be satisfied with our products and service. Please don�t hesitate to send us your inquiry!
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